2017-03-03 01:30:39 by kyroyounginsx

so..... what's new lately?

Back and with new art

2016-07-17 05:30:32 by kyroyounginsx

Hey guys! It's been a while since my last post. I've been busy with real life and family situations to work on my projects. I been out looking for a job and I got my own place so I can do what I want

fresh start

2015-08-22 04:27:26 by kyroyounginsx

making another account. it's been 4 years since i uploaded stuff onto here,nothing on here for really for me to do on this account. planning to make another one to start over hopefully make better animations, if not then better art because sometimes a little change is good for the soul and i'm planning on starting over with some new stuff that will surpass my previous junk.until then later.

i'll post a lnk to new account later.

back again

2013-04-04 20:20:07 by kyroyounginsx

i'm back,if you seen me uploaded some stuff here recently then i haven't been gone to long. :)

back again

random update

2012-10-11 18:41:50 by kyroyounginsx

it's darkssj128 here,i'm checking up on this site to see how things were going?oh and for some reason newgrounds on google chrome on my pc isn't working,i guess it must be a bad error or something,anyways i'm on this,using internet explorer.well that's all i got to say,well later and i will post some art and videos on here again soon.

random update


2012-08-21 00:19:30 by kyroyounginsx

it's sure been a while,since i made any posts^^;?well...anyways i'm here,online active,but not on newgrounds,i'm mostly on deviantart or youtube.if you want to know these accounts here they are.

facebook=ragemasterguy.i think
twitter...i forgot
skype:same thing,but different...ragemaster.guy1
furanitty account:ragesonic322
yahoo:ghostrider34511@yahoo.com and youngmoney32177@yahoo.com

these are my accounts.


an update...

2012-05-29 18:02:03 by kyroyounginsx

from now on,i will check up on my videos and art to see,how many views did it get.it's been a while lately and i don't stick around newgrounds that much,so that is why i'm saying this in general terms.well that's all i'm out.later.

how do i vote on here

2011-09-24 11:38:05 by kyroyounginsx

i need help on here


2011-08-27 00:15:05 by kyroyounginsx