Entry #9


2017-03-03 01:30:39 by kyroyounginsx

so..... what's new lately?


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2017-03-03 03:46:41

Knights is an asshole... Newgrounds is dead... And all Cordyceps species are endoparasitoids... Parasitic mainly on insects...

kyroyounginsx responds:

uh okay?

nah, i think newgrounds still have some gas left in it's tank to keep going. it's not like how it used to be but it's still running strong.


2017-05-14 12:35:27

im looking for parasitosic water elemental infection in your blood you turn red and cold and as you drunk something as coffe this body is real or fake im looking for drugs which makes your body cold and turns you on as you touch it something like drunk but cold blooded drunk there is also hot blooded as the coldblooded you touch and it turns to isnide blood ithxes itsa virus or what i ussed to be the sock cokkie monster wearing 10 pairs of socks just to get hot my feet becouse there were cold as serenditipy something was causing the fever cold fever as your organs turn red its something like soft neuromagnetic field bondage with a phone i used to fry my brain but not much a litlle itchy with less pain if you itch your brain is it posible to be full body orgasm on ice fire and wind is this dead why my water died what is the deal the cold turned or was turnign into frost waht was there inside me if the nurce have discovered what she did she must know i used to absorb light and itch my eyes with it and fry a litlle my brain when some person emerges put you lazers on your teth and then they bless ya as the cold is gone what is the deal you grow up bigger then you fell not pain and become smarter or there is something else damn a soft bondage with a phone magnetic field when you feel nedlles and frain your brain a litlle you feel something like a brainfrezze conected with your tetth as you drunken coffe or the secret thing i dont know what it is we are looking for fever casting and neddle soft brain itch with pain thats all also cold feet and body which manages to controll the water after all that a person blesees you as you got vodoo magic on wind water and the same ice :D and he manges to controll my tears how and removes all does he manages to reastablish my body prisma what is the deal why they choose to kill me and my sensors or sensible nerve system
i fell somethign as a water virus buring in my blood and maybe my teth my feet making me sweat :D as a young perosn ilvoed colla was there something special in it

kyroyounginsx responds:

what the hell did i just read? lol